How long does it take to manufacture my order?

It takes 3 to 4 days, depening on how busy we are..


Are the covers machine washable?

Our covers are machine washable and can be tumble dried.


Can you take my dirty covers off and wash them for me?

Yes, we offer a cleaning and re-fitting service at a very reasonable cost. We also check if your covers need re-stitching or replacement straps before re-fitting.


Which vehicles do you provide covers for?

Most makes of cars, bakkies, 4X4’s,SUV’s and trucks available in South Africa.


How long does a fitting take?

From 30minutes to fit front seats only to approx 2hours to fit a complete vehicle with load-liner included. It all depends on the vehicle type and what covers have been ordered.


How do I receive my covers if I can’t come in for a fitting?

Your order will be couriered to you at an additional cost.


How long does it take to receive?

It takes between 2-3 days to receive by courier


Supported Vehicle Brands

If your car brand is not in this list we can still help - we custom fit seat covers for ANY vehicle brand.

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We also manufacture a full range of products for the spraypainting, panelbeating and industrial cleaning industries.


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